Production & processing
Field production

seeds production programmes are taken at various places in state of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh on farmers fields. We are supplying basic seeds i.e. foundation seeds in required quantity, technical advice and finance according to need basis. Nucleus breeder and foundation seeds programmes are taken at our R&D stations under supervision of the breeder.

Infrastructure, processing and packing facilities

Mangalam seeds crop has made significant investment in establishing in frustration for r & d, processing, testing, and packing of its product.

The seeds are produced by many experienced contract growers and are then processed at the modern processing plant in factory of unjha.

Material processed in a imported machines like

  • Classifier separator( mtra)
  • Destoner (mtsc)
  • Grevity separator
  • Colour sortex

The company has a big storage capacity of 4000 metric ton with very easy loading and unloading system,this facility enables the to store seeds without any deterioration of quality